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Originally Posted by Canip View Post
Thank you for this, Adun!

Question: how is the Kingbird mechanically, esp.: is the bridge rocking (I hate that) when you turn the focuser, or is it pretty stable (in some lower price central focus porros, the bridge is awful, but in some it‘s quite solid)?
If you mean whether turning the focuser changes the IPD, I just asked my wife and she says it doesn't.

I didn't feel any issue regarding that either, but I only used them for 20 minutes, after we were almost done birding.

Still, given how the focuser is very, very stiff, I can see how someone with smaller hands could end up moving the bridge/IPD while trying to turn the focuser, specially near the infinity and close focus edges (I felt the feedback of "this is the end of focus travel" is was not "clear" enough).

I'd say one needs to be willing to take a hit in mechanics (for the sake of optics, waterproofness and budget) to like this bino.

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