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Originally Posted by KCFoggin View Post
Rather than copying and pasting, is there any way you can post a link to this information. Kind of hard proving anything with just this. I'm sure Audubon and a few other Federal agencies would be quite interested in this but it's got to be from some kind of source that can be proven.
The media contact is listed right before the first paragraph: [email protected]

I think the Norfolk, VA newspaper has carried some articles on this situation, I'll see if I can find some links. I've been following this through a private page of a concerned group for quite some time, I would not have posted this press release if I was not aware of what is really going on. I frankly think there are NOT any other Federal Agencies interested in this, the Dept. of the Interior is already trying to get laws/rules on "eagle take permits" changed from being good for five years to thirty years. I quite frankly think the US Government in it's entirety doesn't care if eagles and other raptors disappear entirely. Let me find some links to info for the forum here.

P.S. You will notice that I did not just join to post the press release, I have been a member here since March 22, 2007 and have posted multiple times in the forums, gotten ID help with photos, etc.

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