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Give me just one clear photo.

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As a beginner who is primarily out and about to take wildlife photographs which is my hobby rather than going out specifically to spot birds, I am trying to learn the names of the wildlife I take photos of, In the field I have book and a bird id app which is great as it starts with what it looks like such as tit like or wader like or goose like and such, it really helps in the field but once home I research on the laptop and try to remember so I can id it again and recognise the subtle differances, I find learning flight patterns and wing shape is helping me identify birds of prey and is now allowing me to judge where they are going to fly next so allows me to position myself for a better attempt of photographing.
Only last week at my first trip to Dungeness I photographed a goose myself and my more knowledgeable wife did not know, after 10 mins on the internet it was an Egyptian goose. I them started looking at male/female/plummage differences and will try to take pictures in different light to see how that effects the plumage.
I try not to ask on forums as sometimes the answers can make you feel a bit stupid when it's a very common bird or some answers can seem a bit too harsh and deter from asking again, although this forum does seem a lot more friendly than most and I will not hesitate when I find a species I can not identify after research.

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