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Some very good points made here. I was drawn into the birding hobby through an interest in wildlife photography and even yet I am easily distracted from that elusive bird by other wildlife. Squirrel! or most recently, Siberian Weasel!

However I have learned that often I have to make the difficult decision, binoculars or camera and I agree that it is often better to make the binocular observation even if it means missing the photo that time. For one thing it encourages training oneself to quickly see the details and know what you are seeing. Then you can make better decisions as to whether it is worth the time and effort to work your way into where you can get that usable ID photo to verify a new tic or a better photo showing field marks for your collection or even just a more artistically pleasing image.

The distant blob doesn't have much value normally, however it is invaluable to have a usable image, even if not artistically acceptable, of that new tick or of that rare bird. A closer look at home can help to ID or at least help to teach you what to look for and can be especially useful in seeking help or confirmation of an ID. That being said though I will often snap a quick shot of something I am not sure of just in case it suddenly flies away and then work on better visual observation and working into a better ID photo position. Even that can serve to confirm that I did, or even did not, see what I thought I saw.
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