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Originally Posted by wolfbirder View Post
I have just purchased a wonderful binocular on Ebay for £200, when new they cost £500, so I can't really complain if there is a fault.

Optically superb, but I just cannot shift the Diopter ring to make them perfect for me. The dioptre setting is stuck on the middle setting but I can't turn the dial right or left to + or - settings.

I daren't force it but have tried to move it without success. I don't want to use excessive force as it might damage them optically.

Is there a secret way I am missing to move the dioptre ring? I know on some more expensive models (Leica for example) you have to lift the ring towards you and then lock it back down, but that is not the case with this binocular.

I seriously love this binocular, I've been birding since 1998 but these are by far the best I have had, optically.

Any advice would be gratefully received.
Give us some photos, I think I may know your problem.

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