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Some basic questions

I have been reading this forum for several months now and have learned an enormous amount from you. However, some nagging questions never seem to really be answered definitively:

1) Finding birds or animals in your binoculars. The biggest problem I have, in woods and heavy brush is finding what I am looking at in my binoculars. It is an ongoing problem for me. Things look so different through 8X or 10X binoculars that it takes me several tries sometimes to find what I see with my naked eye. By the time I find it, the bird is gone. I have noticed over the years in hunting with a riflescope that I had the same problem. Somewhere around 6X or 7X seems to be the maximum for me to quickly pick up what I have seen with my naked eye. That's why I can't understand why 6X to 7X binoculars aren't more popular. Am I the only one with this problem? I think this is partly a function of field of view, but, more importantly, a function of the difference in how things look at zero magnification vs. 8X or 10X. This is NOT a problem in open areas, but many birds live in woody areas. Also, it is not a matter of distance. If I am looking for birds in a treeline and I am 50 or 100 yards from the treeline, it is just as much a problem as if I am surrounded by woods and brush.

2) Porro prism vs. roof prism. Are porro prism binoculars harder to hold steady or operate than roof prism binoculars. I have a pair of B&L Discoverer porro's and I seem to be able to hold them as steady and operate them as well as I can roof prism binoculars, but I don't use roof prisms much so I am not certain. They are certainly as lightweight as roof prisms of the same power and objective lens size. I am just having trouble understanding why anyone would pay so much more for roof prisms with similar optical quality? I will admit that roof prism binoculars have a neat, compact appearance, but is this worth $500.00 or $1,000.00 extra since you still can't conveniently carry binculars with 32mm or 42mm in your pocket? Compact roof prisms, I understand, but full size roof prisms are a mystery to me. Some of the reasons given for people preferring full size roof prism binoculars simply don't make sense to me, yet that preference seems to be nearly universal.

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