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Originally Posted by Kratter View Post
But all the jaegers and some skuas occur in both the SACC and NACC, so each Committee can vote on it.
If I may, though... Wouldn't it make sense to update the proposal in this type of case ? (Or, alternatively, wouldn't it have been more sensible to have both committees voting on it simultaneously ?)
I can't really see the added value in a vote by a second committee, in summer 2019, on a proposal dating from 2017 and which is in any case silent about a quite significant late-2017 work (cf. my post #5 above).

("[...], we re-sequenced four unlinked neutral loci across the skuas. For all four loci, the alleles in the pomarine skua cluster with alleles of the great skuas, and for three out of four loci, the pomarine skua even shares alleles with the great skuas (figure 3).")
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