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Dean Nicholson
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Thanks Steve,

Nice to get feedback from someone who actually see's these regularly....
Like you say it was a chunky bird and obviously bigger than the LBB's present, more Herring or Y-L Gull size.
Re-assuring to see the broad tertial crescents on your birds too as this was a concern of mine at the time and also picked up on by Jan in his reply.
It still looks good to me but unfortunately just wont make the grade without a spread wing. Been looking hard for similar beasts every year since but haven't come close to anything quite like that.....i remember the neck shawl standing out markedly, it was literally the only adult gull present which had one - this feature alone worth bearing in mind for anybody else looking at 'LBB's' around the Feb/March/April period.
Got to be on the radar here....

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