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Another Bird Book Bargain

Birds, a Complete Guide to All British and European Species by Dominic Couzons has 60% off the RRP of 30 at Amazon at the moment.

The book is now selling for 11.98.

A lively, large format, lavishly illustrated family reference guide to the birds of Europe 'Dunnocks have a pretty spicy sex life...they exhibit monogamy, polygyny, polyandry and polygynandry, and any individual may embark on any one of these possibilities in any season, sometimes actually changing its arrangement in between broods. Few other birds enter such a realm of choice. How this list of options arises requires some explanation...' Bird books are not always considered a compulsive read, yet Dominic Couzens has achieved precisely this. Birds communicates the secret lives and astonishing beauty of all the species in Britain and Europe. Featuring over 450 species of bird that can be found regularly within Europe, this complete photographic guide provides a comprehensive and authoritative text along with some of the best bird photography in the world. The characteristic appearance and behaviour of every species is clearly identified, and there is at-a-glance information on food, song, habitat, migration, breeding and behaviour / Each species is illustrated with a sumptuous colour photograph and artworks to show different plumages / Maps accompany each species to show distribution and breeding ranges Memorable descriptions and often astonishing facts make even our commonest birds worthy of new attention. Organised taxonomically, entries vary in length from longer articles about the more iconic species, to shorter descriptions for similar species within a family. Beautifully illustrated with over 500 colour photos and 1000 illustrations, Birds makes an ideal gift for bird-lovers and complete beginners alike.

Just thought others may be interested
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