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Originally Posted by adhoc View Post
LGM, Thanks for the info. by text and pic.

Ceasar, When you recover from Mystic Mode: Does "put thereon" mean that (unlike LGM and Lee) you place the binocular "on top of" the stick, which (unlike theirs) is a bit shorter than the user?

Anyone, Do you find that, like me, steadying (like this or otherwise) makes a significant difference with 10x but not 8x?



Yes, it does mean that I place the binocular on the top of the stick, but I'm sure you recognize this as "poetic license."

Actually I use a Stoney Point, Polecat Monopod. It has a number of attachments, in particular a Binocular Rest attachment (#E-123) on which I rest the binocular along the bottom of it's center hinge. The Rest has a hinge on it that allows the binocular to be moved up and down while one hand is supporting the pole and tilting it as necessary.

I'm not sure if these are still being made.


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