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Originally Posted by Swissboy View Post
...Sorry, I meant Svesson et al which is often just called the Collins Guide' in the UK. ..
No problem, I just tried to generalise a bit more, as the same holds for the US edition. And I'm sure the various forthcoming or already published translations will be in the same boat.
Also, Collins has the bad habit to call all the FGs the same in a way. Just adding the specifics kind of like an attachment. There is a German publisher (Kosmos) that does the same. So we get lots of Kosmos Naturführer. I also still have a Collins Birds of Europe by Peterson et al. And then, of course Collins FG Birds of Mexico and Central America, and a few more such "Collins" ones.
But as long as we all know what is meant, I don't object for brevity's sake to just call it the"Collins" for the book in question here.
--PS: That's a Sooty Falcon on the avatar, photo taken near Sharm el Sheik, Egypt. My highest priority raptor at the time.
What's your species on the avatar? I often have no clue
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