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Another Australian field guide coming

Originally Posted by Chris Benesh View Post
Speaking of HANZAB, I've always been very impressed with the artwork of Jeff Davies who contributed a lot of work to it. The Birds of Prey of Australia and The Owls of Australia feature his illustrations. The illustrations are superior to any of the main guides for Australia, IMO, especially the raptors. His seabird stuff and buttonquail/quail stuff from HANZAB is also much better than that found in the main guides. He would get my vote for chief illustrator of the Aussie dream guide.

Chris you are in luck. CSIRO publishing has a team working on a new field guide to Australian birds and Jeff Davies and Peter Marsack (another HANZAB illustrator) will be the artists. There are three authors of the text and I have heard that the aim is to produce something of comparable quality to the European Collins Bird Guide. I don't know what the timing is - my guess is it's a couple of years away.

It's hard to believe that there will soon be five field guides available for a country with only 20 million people (and that's not counting the photo guides). It would be interesting to know how many copies they sell. From what I have heard it's in the six figure range.

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