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Originally Posted by pshute View Post
I haven't seen a recent edition of this. Mine is about 50 years old, and I'd say the biggest problem is the small pictures. I've heard people complain about their quality, but when you look closely, they aren't that bad. It's just that such tiny pictures were never going to turn out well with the printing resolutions of the day, and probably not even today.

I'm also not a fan of numbered pictures. Is it still like that? having to look them up in the key opposite can lead to mistakes.

Having all the birds on each plate drawn at the same scale can be useful, although it leads to some of them being unnecessarily tiny.
I picked up a new paperback copy in QBD at the weekend (although the colour they use makes it look faded). It still has the numbered plates and as you say, although the pictures are small, the detail is there. It's just some of the poses are not so good. I forgot to say about the scaling of the images and the scale at the bottom - useful features.

At some point, I might get round to a run-down on Birds of the Top End.
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