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I've been looking around at different field guides and I thank you for the wonderful review.
I thought I'd add a few things to Morcombe's app. This is AWESOME as it has the bird calls and tells you which species, male or female and why the bird is calling. I have found this to be a life saver when you cannot actually SEE the birds identifying marks. It is also good in that there is only the phone weight and the search section is good for a novice like me. You can select birds in your region, what the bird looks like, physical features, colour, exclusions and size.
You can record your findings on the app and it recalls all your sightings for easy reference (which can be emailed or textíd)
I live in the western planes of NSW and because of this great app, in the last 6 months I have seen/identified 110 individual bird species (with around 330 left to find).
There is also a compare section where you can click on two different birds and it will show them side by side.

Only drawback is the actual images can be a bit misleading (eg. Red Goshawk looks a lot stripe-ier than it is). I have a photographic field guide which is good but Iím looking at buying another guideÖfrom this thread Iíve decided to get a Simpson and it is just finding one that isnít going to cost me too much!

Thanks colonelboris for the review!
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