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Originally Posted by Chosun Juan View Post
I had hoped that the optical design guru maven mob (henrylink, holger et al.) may have jumped in before now with some further options...
This member of the mob wouldn't go beyond Ron's suggestion that the focusing lens could be a doublet, like the 56mm FLs. I like it when the suppositions stay a little grounded in what is known. In this case we know the focusing lens is positive and the fixed objective group has reportedly been reduced from 3 elements to 2. So, I think it's most probable that the SF has a version of the 3 element design used in the old Swarovskis with the addition of FL glass. It doesn't make sense to me to put any label on the the separate parts of the objective (super-achromat, etc.) because they're designed to work together, and I sure don't plan to join Brock and Joe down in the rabbit hole discussing irrelevant or fanciful objective designs or glass types "we know nothing about".


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