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Looksharp, very interested in your various posts about this. I appreciate the diagrams and education.

In reviewing bins I have tried and liked vs those i've disliked, I notice I tend towards relatively large occular lense bin's, those with fairly large FOV, and ones that I can use with the eyecups in a lower or lowest position.

This could be the reason I prefer the 7x36 excursion over the technically much better Fury. More recently the theron vs sightron could be another example. The Theron has what I suspect is a larger Perception of FOV (I use them w/ eyecups down vs the sightron's larger cups slightly up) as well as a slightly larger actual FOV.

Your PFOV, coupled with a generous exit pupil, could very well be that non optical "ease of use" feature that I seem to put great emphasis on in my choices but have been unable to exactly pin down.

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