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Originally posted by alan_rymer
But its only 2Mp.

A theoretical question!.

If you took a picture with a camera witch has a x10 zoom like the Z1 with a maximum size of 2048x1536.
You viewed the pic with an optical zoom of x 2 and and cropped and resized it. Are you effectively looking at a 1024x768 taken at x20?, Going even further, a 512x384 @ 40x ?.
Sorry, should have made it clearer that I was talking about the DMC-FZ10 Panasonic DMZ-FZ10 as Ian mentioned, rather than the Z1

As to cropping to enlarge (not resizing) yes, you'll double the size of the subject and therefore the 'magnification' ...o.k. for a web pic but you'll be stretching things for printing at any quality.
also, if you're particularly bored, try - mediocre aviation photography
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