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Originally Posted by balex78 View Post
So, both heuglini and taimyrensis are present there?
Hi Alex,

Now you've now got me very confused!

The term 'taimyrensis' does not appear on either IOC or Clements Checklists, so presumably neither consider it a valid taxon. I assume the term to relate to a stable hybrid swarm between heuglini in the west and vegae in the east, and that its former lumping with heuglini followed from it having more in common in terms of morphology with that taxon than with vegae (including the short diagonal tongue on P10 I have been seeing a lot of). In short, I assumed that taimyrensis might be variable in appearance, but that most should strongly resemble heuglini (hence 'heuglini-end', meaning 'heuglini-like, and inferring some heuglini 'influence').

I may well have all this wrong; my understanding of the biology of these things is rudimentary at best! Should taimyrensis be more 'fixed' in terms of its appearance and differ markedly from heuglini? If so, I have no idea in what way these two 'forms' actually differ. And if it does differ in a consistent way, why is taimyrensis no longer considered a 'good' form? Is it just a now obsolete synonym for heuglini? (In which case, yes, heuglini would be present here.)

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