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Maven B.2 7x45

I would like to leave my initial impressions about the Maven B2 7x45.
I have briefly compared them to Fujinon fmt-sx 7x50 and Leica Trinovid 7x42 BN. Serial number is 2526.

First of all, about the field of view. TVOF is about 7.5-7.6* - a little more, then in Fujinon (which has 7.4* measured TVOF), but noticeably less, then in Leica (which has 8* measured TFOV).
AFOV looks slight more, than in Fujinon AFOV, so it is about 52-53*. So are in accordance with the official specification. I have C2 7x28, which has a little bigger field of view, than advertised - AFOV 48* and TVOF 6.8* at infinity.

Maven has slight pincushion distortion. While Fujinon has zero tangent distortion, and Leica has huge pincushion distortion.
Good 3-dimensionality, comparable to Fujinon, and much better then Leica.

Axis sharpness is comparable to Leica (which is very good), much better than Fujinon has.

Aberrations correction across the field of view is the worth. Worse than in Leica, and much worse than in Fuj. But Maven has smallest eye pupil darkening.

Effective aperture is around 43mm.

Eye relief is around 12mm.

Weight of binoculars plus caps and neck strap is 1070 gr. Neck strap has very short ropes at the end, and does not let put rain guard up at folded eye cups. Only at collapsed eye cups.

Materials and finish is not similar to Alpha bins. You get what you've paid for. Good binoculars, but it is in the $1000 league. Not an Alpha.

Shape and focuser wheel (up and down parts do not rotate, middle only) is very similar to Blaser Prius binoculars. Same factory?

Very bright binoculars. The view is brighter than in Leica (much) and in Fujinon (a little).

Strong CA at the edge of the field. Looks more, than in Fujinon, and may be more, than in Leica.

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