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I had several days for testing due to NY holidays. And i like B2 more and more i test it.

The plan was to replace Leica Trinovid 7x42BN and Fujinon fmt-sx 7x50 with the Maven B2 7x45. As the one binoculars for terrestrial and night observations.
Fuj is the binoculars with the best aberrations correction over the field i know, very good for stargazing. But the weight, IF and strong Rolling Balls effect make it useless for day time observations for me.
Leica has CF (central focus), worse correction over the field of view than Fuj, but strong pincushion distortion, which eliminates Rolling Balls effect. Good for day time observations, and acceptable for stargazing. Two things, which i don't like in this Leica are eye cups (two positions only) and the binoculars is too dim. Light transmission is about 82-83%. Not up to date.

So i was looking for the bright 7x42 binoculars with CF, enough TFOV and good aberrations correction at edges. Victory FL does not match the last requirement, unfortunately.

When i got B2 7x45, i was disappointed a little. It has TFOV less, than my Leica 7x42, and aberrations at the edge of the view are stronger. But then i realized, that the easy of view is much more easy, than in Leica. The easy of view is remarkable, actually. Noticeable better, than in other binoculars i have. I just pick up B2 and watch. I don't need to find the exit pupil, like in Habicht 8x30 Porro or in Leica. I can see the whole field of view easily. There is no darkening at the edge of the view due to small vignetting of the exit pupil. Which i can see in both Habicht and Trinovid. Just bright and relaxed view. And AFOV does not look restrictive. It's not big (52-53*), but enough for me.

Comfortable multi position eye cups, with enough outer diameter. Much better, than in Trinovid. And huge difference to Habicht 8x30 Porro (even with replaced GA eye cups).

During daytime edge softness is less, than in Habicht 8x30. Not excellent result, but ok. Fujinon fmt 7x50, Vixen Foresta 7x50 and Leica Trinovid 7x42BN are better in this respect. Maven C2 7x28 is worse.
The edge softness of B2 7x45 becomes similar in twilight to daytime edge softness of Habicht. When Habicht is already too dim, and there is a mesh at edges. B2 gives beautiful night terrestrial observations, enough exit pupil and light transmission provide better view and resolution, than in Leica. And than in Fujinon, actually (due to 92-93% light transmission vs 87% in Fuj).

And the last but not least thing is 3 dimensionality. Maven B2 gives nice feel of 3d space. The view is not flat (i don't like the flat feel of Roof binoculars). Similar to Fuj, better, than in Leica. Thanx to Abbe–Koenig prisms and little pincushion distortion. Perfect combination. The binoculars is long enough to hold it steadily. And provides 3 dimensional feel, close enough to Porro binoculars.
And B2 does not have spikes at bright lamps from roof edges, like binoculars with Schmidt-Pechan prisms have.
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