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Boddaert is messy and often not easy to understand.

The small "o"'s that are everywhere in his entries (but easily overlooked) mean "not present in the classification of this author". Thus, here:
671. 1.
= the bird is that which is on Planche enluminée #671, fig. 1
Colibri a cravatte verte, Buff. XI. p. 77.
= what Buffon made of this bird -- (Boddaert used the in-8° edition of Buffon, as opposed to Gmelin who used the in-4°, so they always have different volume/page numbers.)
Mellisuga Briss. Ornith. III. o.
= that bird falls in genus Mellisuga in Brisson's classification, which Brisson addressed in vol. 3 of his work, but Brisson did not list it.
Trochilus viridigula, Linn. Gen. 66. o.
= the species name according to Boddaert in Linnaeus' classification; the bird falls in genus #66 in this classification (12th edition: - this is indeed Trochilus), but Linnaeus did not list it. The species name was coined by Boddaert himself.
green throated Humming bird, Lath. birds 1. p. 755. 14.
= what Latham made of this bird --

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