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There is no easy answer to how much to spend on optics. As Paul said the difference between the very good (Vortex) and the best (Kowa and Swarvoski) is actually very small indeed. The price difference is about 1500. Now I presume you don't have unlimited money due to your original post and the fact that most of us don't. If, like me, you have a finite amount you can spend on birding in anyone year then something has to give. I have the very good: a Zeiss 65 Diascope. It's about 12 years old, which is well over twice the age any other scope I've had has got to(apart from my Nikon ED50 which I only occasionally use) so I could justify replacing it and I could afford a top of the range Swarvoski or Kowa but the price difference would mean that I would have to sacrifice a foreign birding trip. I do a couple a year but I have a finite number of years left and a finite amount of money so I would never get that life experience back. So I'll stick with the Zeiss until it really needs replacing and then will get a Vortex (or possibly a second hand top model). I also agree with Paul that the Vortex warrenty is a huge plus. So my tip is buy the Vortex and book a trip to somewhere with a shed load of birds with the money that you have saved.
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