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Kowa 884 with Sony A7r - Very Soft Focus

Hello all, just registered on this forum. I am new to digiscoping but wanted to augment my tools for photographing wildlife from a distance. I picked up a used 884 and purchased the adapters necessary for my Sony A7r. I have spent the last couple of days testing out the scope and having a heck of a time getting focus. I do have focus assist on the camera turned on. Have tried shutter speeds from 1/30 all the way up to 1/2000 and ISO of 100 all the way up to 20000!!! I just can't see anything really sharp at various settings from 20x all the way up to 60x (very tough getting enough light for anything above 35x or so). I use a video tripod and head that is probably overkill, but wanted to be sure not to blur by shake....also use remote trigger. Am I missing something? Am I expecting too much from the scope? Or could the scope be out of calibration? Or something else? Any suggestions very much appreciated. Jim
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