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I have the BDII 8X32 and the 6.5X32. The 6.5X is the much better performer for what it is. If $$ is the reason to get the Kowa 8X32, fine, but no, I will take a Cl 8X30 all day. I have the SLC 8X30 neu, the resolution is above the Kowa 8X32. One can still get a good SLC 8x30 for a bit more than the Kowa, which after all is priced for what it is.

The only mechanical issue I have on the new Kowa is with the focus travel, very fast but not dampened like the original Nikon 10X32HG/LX (Venturer) - which also has an extremely fast focus, but can be tuned very easily..Of course it is a Nikon focus, and I am asking for too much.

Andy W.
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