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To respond first to your post #3, if you like the handling ergos of the previous CL as opposed to the newer version I think the Kowa 32 would be even better for you. Like you I prefer the overall handling of the old CL vs the new CL for my medium to large hands but I like handling of the Kowa 32 even better.

For context with regard to your question about comparing image quality and for commenting generally on the many other helpful responses here, someone recently posted a discussion of optical "quality" vs optical "characteristics" which I cannot fully recall/understand but seems particularly relevant here as the Kowa 6.5 is now included in the discussion. IMO the image "quality" of the new CL is superior to the Kowa 6.5 - slightly but noticeably sharper, brighter, and more color saturated. However for me the combination of the "characteristics" of the 6.5 image (and in a compact reasonably priced roof to boot) - huge FOV, AFOV, DOF and image stability as a result of 6.5 mag produce a uniquely rewarding overall viewing experience. Perhaps oddly for a 6.5 (?), it especially comes into its own when panning and scanning over great distance producing a viewing experience quite similar to a high quality IF poro. The image is also very natural like my eyes have been upgraded to 6.5 mag as opposed to looking through an excellent optic.

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