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Originally Posted by justabirdwatcher View Post
Thank you for your input David. I have seen samples of the CL that I would also characterize as "too soft" for a Swaro. But lately I've seen sharper copies too. I am leaning toward the BDII 8x32 right now. If it's not sharp or bright enough, or if the handling doesn't suit me, I can always return it. I do like the way the CL's handle though. They are about the smallest binoculars that my big hands like. Anything smaller (including the M7 8x30's) just get lost in my hands.
I tried the old CL many times, but rarely compared them against the same binoculars so couldn't rule out that they improved a bit with time, but the new CL was a whole lot better still when I compared them. I thought the colour and colour contrast improved too, but unsurprisingly couldn't quite match the EL.

I didn't spend enough time with the Kowa BDII to really absorb all their characteristics, but my recollection is that the transmission profile didn't seem as smooth as the CL for instance. There appeared to be a decent amount at both ends of the spectrum, but some colours and contrasts seemed a little altered, which some might prefer, and others not. Still much cleaner than say Fuji's version of the Sightron I reviewed a few years back, if that helps?


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