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Allbinos formally reviewed the Kahles-Helia 10x42 in March 2017. It is ranked 29th out of 85 10x42 binoculars rated. See the link below for details.

Allbinos lists a total of 8 Kahles binoculars in its data base 3 of which are Helia and 2 are Helia RF. The other 3 are earlier models. See their specifications in the link below.

Kahles is an Austrian Corporation that seems to specialize in Rifle Scopes. Its binoculars are not manufactured in Austria.

I have the 8x32 version which was made in 2011. It has been reviewed by Allbinos and ranked 11th out of 31 8x32 binoculars. I think that is a fair ranking. It is very ruggedly constructed and its exterior is reminiscent of the original Leica Trinovid BA/BN binoculars. I believe that it was manufactured in Japan. Mine has a Green exterior rather than Camoflage.


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