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Originally Posted by ceasar View Post

I have that particular 8x32 Kahles and I still have the Box it came in. It does indeed have taped (or glued, if you will) on it a form with the bar codes that also says:

since 1898


The real printing on the rest of the box only says AUSTRIA.

I found out that it was made in 2003. (The serial number is printed on the bottom of the hinge like on Swarovski binoculars.) It was updated in 2011 according to Allbinos. I have that one in the 8X32 version also. The coatings on the lenses are clearly different and the diameter of the oculars are slightly wider on the 2011 version.

Both these binoculars are tough as nails. It wouldn't surprise me if most of them that were made are still in use somewhere in the world!



Hi, Ceasar:

I know about Kahles’ history and that they pioneered telescopic rifle sights. They are prominently mentioned in an article I did for the 2012 Deer and Deer Hunting annual. But my data points don’t stop there. This might even include conversations between myself and my Swarovski rep. Don’t get me wrong; I am a major fan of Swarovski Optik and their repair department—Gail Fisher, manager.

But I also understand that in the name of profit, even some of the biggest names in Europe rebrand some Asian products. I believe all you said about performance, ruggedness, and dependability. But although they say one picture is worth a thousand words, I guess that all depends on who is evaluating the picture and what they understand about the industry.

On Swarovki’s request, I took shipment of a Kahles bino. But finding it virtually the same as the Celestron Nobel—at a greater price—I opted in favor of my customer’s wallet. Over the years, that stance has cost me plenty of money. But if you don’t have health, you HAVE nothing. If you don’t have integrity, you ARE nothing.

I make no bones about the Kahles being a world-class instrument. If it were my prime instrument, over my Nikon 8x32 SE, I could be a happy birder until my dirt nap. Do I have a problem with their marketing? I do. And, not being bashful, I have told them. Oh, what crap the novice consumer is expected to swallow. And he is expected to do it because he has a long track record of doing so. Hey, I could make you a special deal on some ENRON stock. What say?

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