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KB57's 2017 UK list

Having only got back into listing last year, my modest aim is to beat my total of 160 set last year. I failed miserably in last year's aim of beating my last UK list from 1972 of 182 - I obviously managed to get out more then...
I'm hoping to target regularly occurring UK species which I missed last year (a two-year 2016-17 list in a way), and (just like back in '72) 'heard-onlys' don't count. I've got lots to target, at risk of eliciting disdain from the more committed members of this forum I'll give a few examples of the more warbler, reed warbler (both 'heard-only' last year), red grouse, ring ouzel (grouse moors aren't my favourite habitat), purple sandpiper, green sandpiper, cuckoo (another heard-only), lesser whitethroat, whimbrel and short-eared owl. My top target is probably wood warbler, a bird familiar in my youth but sadly much rarer now.
January 1st started in Northumberland (Wooler / Holy Island / Bamburgh)
1. robin
2. chaffinch
3. coal tit
4. dunnock
5. blue tit
6. great tit
7. greenfinch
8. goldfinch
9. blackbird
10. woodpigeon
11. house sparrow
12. rook
13. jackdaw
14. pheasant
15. carrion crow
16. starling
17. mute swan
18. pink-footed goose
19. kestrel
20. curlew
21. oystercatcher
22. black-headed gull
23. herring gull
24. feral pigeon
25. lapwing
26. black-tailed godwit
27. knot
28. redshank
29. brent goose (ssp. hrota)
30. cormorant
31. linnet
32. sanderling
33. dunlin
34. GBB gull
35. common gull
36. grey heron
37. cormorant
38. sanderling
39. teal
40. merlin * (not seen 2016)
41. eider
42. turnstone
43. grey plover
44. mallard
45. rock pipit
46. golden plover
47. common buzzard
Main dips: purple sandpiper (rocks at Bamburgh crawling with tourists / dogs / children, despite severe weather and incoming tide) and bar-tailed godwit (usually a certainty, but not enough time spent around Holy Island due to incoming tide)
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