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Gander's 2018 Two Hundred Or Bust List

Last year I set myself a loose target of two hundred species for the year. I didn't really keep track, and ended the year on about one hundred and sixty-five. This year, I'm really going for the two hundred.

I should explain that I work offshore for three weeks out of six. Although this means that I pick up the odd rarity, especially during migration periods, it does mean I lose a lot of opportunities back home. For example there was an American Wigeon last year, that sat on a local pond for nearly 3 weeks, then vacated a day or two before I got home.

You can keep track of my offshore findings on the "North Sea Thread" in the Scottish section.

Total offshore species seen there last year was 55, with a few yet to be seen onshore by myself.

A little later I'll post my year list for the year so far, which is off to a flying start, if I do say so myself.

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