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21st May, Rusne fishponds, Nemunas Delta

194. Black Tern
195. Common Cuckoo
196. Red-backed Shrike
197. Yellowhammer
Barred Warbler (heard-only)
198. Fieldfare

Uostadvaris, Nemunas Delta

Savi's Warbler (heard-only)
199. Western Marsh Harrier
200. Lesser Spotted Eagle
Western Yellow Wagtail (looked like blue-headed, ssp. flava)

Scythebill says I have 200 excluding 'heard-onlys', so I've made a mistake again somewhere...EDIT..turns out it was stock dove at RSPB Rye Meads, which I was sure I'd seen earlier somewhere - LSE was a pretty cool 200th! Had I been a passenger rather than driver, and were I as sharp-eyed as my wife, I'd have also added black woodpecker, black redstart and green / grey-headed woodpecker sp. to my year list

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