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Originally Posted by Mysticete View Post
I haven't heard any suggestion that cougars and wolves compete. Both species almost completely overlap in range and are very different in ecology....
These articles seem to suggest that wolves are dominant over cougars and force them into different ecological niches and halt expansion. They also affect infant mortality and kill possession.

I don't know for sure if that is way things have evolved - mama cougar has to kill one prey animal for the kids, one for her, and yet another (or more) for the wolves ...... that seems a hella hard way to live your life .........

And then you have H**Ting pressure on top of that. Seems crazy. This can drastically affect breeding success if for instance a mother is shot before the cubs can fully fend for themselves.
"Mountain lions are heavily regulated through hunting to reduce conflicts with livestock and people, which raises an important question: Should we reduce human hunting where dominant competitors like wolves and bears make mountain lion lives more difficult, or, at minimum, reduce hunting where dominant competitors are expanding their range into areas where mountain lions were the top carnivore?"

Does the expansion of wolves force cougars into more human-predator conflict ..... ?

It would be very interesting to see current numbers - and any long term genetic effects if numbers are not building .....

The wall of course is stoopid - American Jaguars and Ocelots are surely worth something in icon value ?

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