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I have a 10x50 (Docter Nobilem) and some 7x40 (CZJ EDF) and 7x50 (Steiner Commander) to chose from. The slightly heavy 10x gets carried and is used almost everytime as it's wide, bright picture is very nice and clear and I enjoy the high magnification. Only in very bad weather, on darker days and when hiking within dense forest or when packing deliberately light I use the 7x40. It's surprisingly good and doesn't feel like "only" 7 times magnification.
The bit bulky 7x50, my trusted long time companion, is almost retired as the first two always leave a perfect choice to cover any need.

After many years I upgraded from 7x to 10x and all I can say the higher magnification while it does not sound much makes a very big difference. I like to watch specific things not just landscape overviews and you are seriously closer to anything using tenfold magnification compared to seven. At the same time it's still hand holdable (especially if it is a little heavier bin like mine). The biggest surprise to me was the good low light performance, even at night. I sometimes watch the moon, stars, the ISS and such and it's perfectly fine to be used in the dark.

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