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BIRDERS are coming together

BIRDERS are coming together in a global show of unity against coronavirus.

A ring is being put on the calendar to designate April 5 as the Great Back Yard Birdwatch when tens of thousands of nature lovers locked down around the world by the pandemic will be tallying the wildlife they see.

Whether it is those in self-isolation recording garden birds from inside their homes, or those venturing outdoors on socially-spaced exercise walks, the hope is to celebrate the wonders of wildlife with spring reaching northern climes and autumn arriving in the southern hemisphere.

From Alaska to Zanzibar, nature lovers are being urged to compile checklists, take photographs and share stories of their encounters with birds and other creatures, both great and small, on the BirdForum platform and with the Self Isolating Bird Club.

BirdForum – the net’s largest birding community – has joined forces with the social media group set up by wellknown television presenter Chris Packham to lift spirits, combat loneliness and connect with wildlife from a safe distance.

On both sides of the Atlantic migrant species are now arriving from their wintering grounds to seek out nesting territories. In Europe, wheatears, flycatchers and hirundines are navigating the Sahara to start making landfall in coming weeks.

Their journeys are being mirrored through the Americas, with brightly coloured wood-warblers, tanagers and hosts of shorebirds on the move. Nature’s colourful kaleidoscope is also being accentuated by plants coming into flower and butterflies, bees and other insects on the wing.

Living in a time of pandemic does not stop people enjoying the sights and gaining the physical and mental health benefits of connecting with the natural world, even while having to stay indoors.

Over coming days, BirdForum will continue bringing you more news of the Great Back Yard Birdwatch and how you can post pictures, checklists and personal accounts on our platform as well as the Self Isolating Bird Club’s Twitter and Facebook feeds.

We also hope to forge links with wildlife organisations around the world to show that nature is the best medicine.
Please adhere to the regulations being laid down in your country regarding safe-distancing and self-isolation.

Details and more to follow
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