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Originally Posted by Steve View Post
You suggest it then John and we will run it up the flag pole.

Before starting yet another thread, I'll set out what I think we should be doing, here. If you like it and think its worthwhile, and/or anyone else suggests improvements, then perhaps we have something that deserves its own thread.

Lockdown Migration Watch:

Everyone who is locked down to whatever extent can contribute, for the first and hopefully last time, to a prolonged report over a wide area of the country/continent/world of the microdetail of what passes over where.

All data is useful to somebody. There is no way of completely standardising observations. However, some guidelines are necessary.

1. Identify the location accurately.

2. Record the period of observation: start time, finish time.

3. Record the weather including if possible wind direction and strength.

4. For each sighting, record basic data:

Direction if flying over or moving through - just an arrow over N, NE, E etc.
Remarks (any behaviour, calls, identification features if necessary, etc.)

For "resident" species just put species and quantity - maximum in view at any one point as per Big Garden Birdwatch. If you have presumed local commuters like Canada Geese these should be fully reported as above which may reveal real movements.

Do this for as many days as you can during lockdown. Before you know it you will resentfully be going back to normal.

Reporting: Add each day's report(s) to relevant BF thread. We already have a forum for ID queries which can cover those. (It has occurred to me that perhaps a new sub-forum might be best for this stuff?) BTO or whoever can pick it up from there.

I've almost certainly forgotten something important. But somebody out there will spot it instantly.

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