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Originally Posted by Deb Burhinus View Post
Why not just put observations straight onto BirdTrack? - itís easy enough for people to sign up to and set up their garden or park as a Ďsiteí - you donít have to be a member.

At least the results will become part of a proper database and of future value.

(doesnt mean people canít put their 5 April lists on BF too but I donít understand why make it look like science when it could be part of real science)

Supporting the scheme Steve outlined otherwise, would actually provide some relatively light-hearted engagement with nature for others that want to take a less Ďrigidí approach.
Going straight onto Birdtrack is an excellent point (though I don't know how much information goes into a sighting report) but it lacks the "coming together" that a thread on here would have. Joining the scheme devised for 5 April brings all the problems of poor data quality associated with non-birders.

Personally I'm getting plenty of engagement from BF and I'm grateful for it.

So I'm more likely to keep on with the tribal, but limited scope, garden/yard list than to go for a one-dayer: I just think we ought to be doing more and this would be my suggestion for the best way a joint BF effort could contribute. Our strong point is the people that get involved constantly. We should focus that - without charging people, some of whom will be struggling with the negative financial aspects of lockdown, for the privilege.

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