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Originally Posted by delia todd View Post
That is what I was going to say.

Also entries onto Bird Track are for the British Isles only... and there really is no reason for an either/or. Put them on there as well.
BirdTrack went global some years ago but that’s beside the point, I’m all in favour of BF doing something.

I think we should come up with something alongs the lines a ‘BIG BF BIRDWATCH’ on April 5 maybe - Or have a BF BIG MiGRATION WATCH daily thread along the lines John suggests - the thing is John said ‘let the BTO take it from there’ - my point only was that someone will still need to collate the data and put it into some kind of database system where it can be used to make propositions etc. before it had any real scientific value. Would anyone be willing to do that?

Otherwise, It could still be very interesting even without the ‘scientific clothing’ - I do think maybe a Migration Watch would work better with a fixed species list - not all species people will be seeing are migratory - also the direction if flying should probably be logged (eg N->NE), then the daily sightings would definitely provide some anecdotal interest with birders.

A bit confused how many ideas are floating here - presumably John’s proposal is nothing to do with the Big Birdwatch (which I wasn’t dismissing!!)

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