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I concur with most of what has been said.

In my case, my most used binoculars are 7x42, followed by 8x30.

I'm currently enjoying a 10x42 (for the first time I'm getting on reasonably well with a 10x), and I carry them quite often, usually for waders/shorebirds, or sometimes for the sheer pleasure of using them (even on a dog walk around the nearby forest, where the birds are not that far). It also depends on my mood (I don't know if it's for the same reasons as Hermann). Some days I feel like I will be able to hold 10 more steadily, but some others (maybe because I feel more nervous or... because I've drunk more coffee!) I just think I'm better off with the steady view of 7x.

Then I also have a 12x, which is exclusively used when I'm not carrying the scope, as a compromise, or for distant seabirds (gannets, shearwaters, etc.).

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