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16 September 2006

The account of today’s birding I doing in my hotel room at the foot of Nan Ling National Forest Park, around 300km north of Guangzhou. It is very basic, yet clean but is only costing each of us £1.50 per night, and we all have our own rooms! The scenery is very reminiscent of Guilin with the rounded mountains covered in trees.

After a late morning start from the China Hotel in Guanzhou, five of us set off for a weekend birding in the north of Guangdong Province. Lool, the famous lady Guangzhou bird watcher, together with another birder Mr Lei Jin Yu, joined Hannah Lee (from our Guangzhou office), our driver and I for the 300km trek.
After around a four hour drive we arrived in the mountains where we stopped to check out what looked to be three black birds on some power lines. Once we had the bins on them we knew they were Dollarbirds, a great start to the weekend as it was a lifer!

370. Dollarbird*-----------------------Nan Ling-------------------China

As we tried to get closer to the Dollarbirds a flock of bee eaters circled over head. Close inspection identified my second lifer in almost as many minutes!

371. Blue Throated Bee Eater*--------Nan Ling-------------------China

We then made our way to our hotel in a village situated at the bottom of the mountainous Nan Ling National Forest Park, where we parked the car. Before dinner we went for a short walk picking up an Asian Brown Flycatcher flitting between the trees that lined both sides of the road, lifer number three.

372. Asian Brown Flycatcher*--------Nan Ling-------------------China

Dinner was outside on the edge of the main square of the village, the single street light our only source of illumination. While I couldn’t make out what I was eating it tasted good. An early night was then in the offing, although with the noise from the kids playing in the street outside…..and now the fireworks (!) I am not sure how early it will be before I fall asleep!
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