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25 November 2006

I had not been planning any more trips to China this year, but then a couple of weeks into November, after completing the annual 24 Scalextric race I run on a 233 foot eight lane replica of the Le Mans circuit, which Team USA won again with a new Word Record, my boss told me I had to go for another week or so.

Therefore on Wednesday 22 Nov 06 I flew to Hong Kong to pick up my Chinese Visa as it had lapsed and then on Friday evening headed to Chengdu in China.

Saturday morning I and one of my reps Albert Jiang met up with Zaxixio who is the President of the Chengdu Bird Society and his lovely wife.

We drove to what is known as Duck River at Guang Han, just over an hour outside Chengdu where we met up with many more members of the Chengdu Bird Society. The weather was overcast and cool.

To cross the river to where the main birds were we had to cross over a railway bridge, which was rather interesting, see photo.

The first new bird for 2006 was a flock of Ferruginous Pochards (Ducks), I had only seen single birds previously so this was a real treat!

401. Ferruginous Pochard---------------Guang Han-------------China

It was not until we had been walking for an hour that the next showed up camouflaged against the river bank.

402. Long Billed Plover-----------------Guang Han--------------China

That would be the last new bird of the year for the day, I will list all the birds we saw later.

However before the day was out Zaxixio said we had been invited to visit an organisation that was trying to introduce birds to the people of Guang Han. It was very interesting how they were going about it but when we arrived Zaxixio seemed to have celebrity status. They took us out to where there were birds but they seemed more interested in Zaxixio than the birds. We were followed round with two people with TV camera's and others with still camera's. It seemed more like a circus than a bird watch, you can see Zaxixio's reaction in the third picture below!

26 November 2006

The next day we went Dujiangyan, a famous irrigation site, developed a couple thousand years ago, which enabled farming to take place in area's of Sichuan Province that otherwise would not have been possible. Michael Zhang, another of my reps joined us this time together with a Taiwanese birder.

We spent the majority of our time up the mountains around Dujiangyan, although unfortunatley we could not drive as high as we had wanted due to some road works.

Again I will list all the birds we saw later but I did pick up five new birds for 2006 including a lifer the White Crowned Fortail darting from covered rock pool to covered rock pool. The weather was very wet to start the day but it gradually improved as the day wore on - more info to follow

403. Blue Fronted Redstart---------------Dujiangyan-----------China
404. Slaty Bunting-----------------------Dujiangyan-----------China
405. White Crowned Forktail*-------------Dujiangyan-----------China
406. Yellow Browed Tit------------------Dujiangyan-----------China
407. Chestnut Bellied Rock Thrush--------Dujiangyan-----------China
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