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Well people I'm Overwhelmed by your praise! um wot can say thanks.

I will continue to post when I can. This last few weeks that I've been
on the forum I've felt a change in my artwork direction , mostly becuase of
conversation in these threads. My work is very much been driven
by market demand particularly for my Bird of prey paintings but although
this has given me alot of success in a small field its not been good
for my developement sometimes as an artist. I need to broaden my palette
and starting to field sketch more than I was with other subjects seems to
be helping.

I admire Robert Bateman alot but am very concious that there are alot of
people who wish to paint like him. Its not the way to go and although many
people will probably look and compare my style with his work I am trying to
break free from the influence and slowly develope my own style.

I will post some of my older works to illustrate this.

For me though Robert Is the wildlife master of our time and I fear
for me this influence will never go.

I recomened people read his thoughts on painting essay featured
on his sight.

Originally Posted by jomo View Post
I've noticed this too ... is this something stressed in a formal art education, or something acquired through years of drawing? I'll never understand how you all manage such quick sketches in the field using shading to suggest form instead of hard lines (think Tim's sketching demo!), but the results always end up looking so damn good!
To answer your question Jomo, I think its just something that developes from
the need to get shaded area's down quickly to suggest form Nothing more.
It certainly was'nt something taught to me formally.

One thing also which I think helps develope your field work drawings
( and I know not everyone will agree with me)
is to do more when you return home using referance you may have aquired
befor or aditional photo's you may have taken on sight. It should not take
anything away from your field work only add to your understanding of your

Thanks again guy's for your comments
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