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Originally Posted by jan van daalen View Post

No, this one is not better than the 8x32SV, but compared to what is puts on the table it's a winner for me.
In carrying it beats both the CL25 and SV32. It is optical superior to the 25. Considering price and performance it beats the S... out of both. Do you need the extra meters FOV and edgesharpness, the SV is your destiny but only in the 42 configuration because of the extra dusk and dawn advantage.
This little gem is gonna take a lot of trade away from the CL25 and SV32 and much more from the competition.
Work for Zeiss, Leica, Kowa and Meopta.
IMHO this CL is the EL from 1999. It will fill the landscape.

But do you like it?

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