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Goladze, Not sure what you mean. I have several different settings for zoom, 500/600/800/1000/1500/2000 and 3000. A touch of the zoom button will bring me forward or backwards to one of these presets, and the actual figure is displayed in the EVF or on the screen. If I needed to "speed up" the process then I can select fewer zoom levels i.e. 500/800/1200, or any other combination, or even only one level, i.e 800mm.

Herm, the snap back button simply widens the field of view when held so you can pick up the bird easier, lift finger off and it snaps back to whatever zoom you have selected. There are 3 levels of snapback, I have set mine at the shortest as it is a bit quicker to return to the chosen zoom level. On the 900 there was only one level.


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