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The twats from Capita are paid to inveigle you and once in your house they can make a case. The hard of thinking and the easily intimidated are the target quarry. People can technically still go to jail but only by refusing to pay. Nobody gets over our door without a warrant. I have a mental/virtual moat and a mentality to go with it

I reiterate - why not hve a code that you apply that comes with your existing licence? I will tell you why. The BBC are still living in a bygone World of Empire and ‘Pink bits on the map’ where they were the sovereign provider of all that was needed to know. Bear in mind that Hitler wanted ‘a radio in every room’.....
Their role in media, news and entertainment has changed drastically but more importantly so has the World.

They carry no adverts but promote any new book, film etc by interested parties.
They make a fortune by selling their products abroad - paid for initially by us.
They have ppl advising ‘celebrity’ presenters where to have their wages paid in order to avoid tax in the UK.
They are not impartial and have a Left-wing bias that is hiding in plain sight at best. You only have to see their views of anything or anybody considered right of centre.
Don’t start me off on Brexit!
They have been mired in paedophilia issues since Savile who was well known with regard to his ‘extra curricular’ activities for decades.
Reform will take ages but once the TV licence fee is abolished things will move quickly.
By not paying the fee and not allowing yourself to be intimidated it’s a start. It might not sound much but ppl didn’t think their individual vote would count for much.....until a coupla years ago

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