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Location, location, location

My feeders have resided for the last few years close to my dining room window, which is near our deck. Since my friends enjoy leaving me surprises on the deck, I decided to move the feeders. They would now be located in a more open area. I moved them in the evening and the next day new birds were at my feeder! How did they find it so fast? They must have seen the "bird lady" walk over with the seeds, I'm sure!

The first visitor was a Goldfinch and the second a Rose Breasted Grosbeak- both males. The next day, they brought their wives along. This made me very happy.

Then, one of the sweetest things I have ever seen, our male nuthatch came by, followed by his mate. He was perched on the second hole down of the feeder tube and she one step above, he called to her, took a seed, she leaned down and he passed his seed to her. Oh my gosh, was that cute!

Now for my last tale of my neighborhood friends. I was on the deck with my dogs, a greyhound who is constantly hungry and a shepherd who usually needs coaxing to eat and has never been a mooch. There we were, for quite a long time and out of the blue the shep gets up and very matter of factly goes over to an empty planter I have, puts her nose in and pulls out a piece of bread. Took it away from her and noticed two more pieces. Must be a squirrel I thought. The next morning while looking out the window, I saw said squirrel with a crust. He walked along the rail of the deck to my grill, where he proceeded to "bury" his crust betweend the shelf and the grill, carefully patting it down until it was safely "hidden".

These guys bring me so much joy, and even if they are the same ones we see everyday, every day is different.

Hope you enjoyed my story, sorry it's a little long.
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