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Originally Posted by Steve Babbs View Post
...I will also say that the tripod bush needed replacing twice and both times I was charged as it was out of warranty. Not very impressive as it was very much my second scope used about a tenth as much as my main one, at the most...
Yes, that was certainly a flaw of the ED50 before the tripod socket was redesigned. Luckily, our repair policy in the USA was more generous (lifetime no-fault) than what you got, so when I had that problem, Nikon replaced (at no cost, under warranty) the body with a new unit of the new design (A 13-30x zoom, which I have no use for, was also included since Nikon USA no longer carries the scope body-only). I subsequently purchased another body from Japan and it is of the new tripod socket design. No signs of trouble now, with either body, after ~5 years of rough and tumble travel and hiking use.

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