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Originally Posted by DMW View Post
It's an inevitable consequence of a police force that seems to be under orders to tolerate disruption of ordinary working peoples' lives by trustafarian art students, unemployable crusties and retired geography teachers. The more this goes on, the more incidents of this nature will happen.

XR has sod all to do with climate change.
The police in Bristol were under express orders to allow the protest. On the morning that Bristol Bridge was blocked by first some concrete blocks and then a boat in July, I was told that the local authority had agreed to it happening. As a result, the claim that they were doing anything illegal to raise awareness seemed a lie and the main offence appeared to be misfeasance in a public office by the local authority in failing to go through the necessary steps under the Road Traffic Regulations Orders. I hoped that they would refuse to leave and make it real but it rained heavily on the Friday so most left.....

Those attending appeared principally to be from a very narrow privileged demographic with no understanding of the natural world but the conclusion I reached was that they were doing a useful job in raising awareness and I suspect trends are already developing on reducing demand for beef, reduced long haul flights, etc. So I am glad it is happening regardless of my personal (and possibly flawed) assessment.

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