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Originally Posted by Pitta Patter View Post
Hi Rylirk. I spent a month in Australia as a solo traveller in June 2004. I flew between cities Cairns-Brisbane-Sydney-Melbourne. I would give another vote to Cairns and wish I spent longer there. A tourist spot so lots of day trips available to Atherton, Daintree etc. Cairns is a small town and I had no problem exploring alone on foot, the Esplenade area was good. I also had no problem with Cassowaries in the Daintree. It is also the gateway to the barrier reef of course if diving is your thing. At the time there was a website where you could hook up with local Aussie birders who would take you round their local patches in exchange for a pie or a bit of petrol money. I had 2 friendly guys take me out around Sydney and another chap around Werribee, near Melbourne. Not sure the site is still going, I will try and dig out the details and send them to you. June/July is quite cold down south so I would stick to the north.
Yes Kevin, I belive Grindr is still active......

Never got around to doing OZ but still hope to one day and Cairns / Darwin is where I'd head, not least for the two Pittas. There are tons of guide books that could help you decide what to do and they will have some contacts within them I believe?

This title isn't easy to find now but it's worth trying.
Andy A

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