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If Australia is new then pretty much anywhere will be good.

Bear in mind June / July is the middle of winter so some birds will have moved north out of Australia, or dispersed away from breeding areas and be a bit trickier to find. Still plenty of relatively sedentary species though.

Species you've mentioned will still be around:
(Bush and Beach) Stone-Curlew easier in Queensland though both possible nearer to Sydney
Australian Magpie - everywhere - should get in Sydney easily enough!
Pied butcherbird - more of a dry woodland bird so means heading inland a bit. The related Grey Butcherbird should be findable around Sydney, and Cairns has the Black Butcherbird
Laughing Kookaburra - should be easy enough anywhere, and in Queensland there is the Blue-winged Kookaburra too
Frogmouth - three possible - Tawny possible anywhere and the commonest. Papuan around Cairns, Marbled rare, 2 subspecies in rainforest one ssp near Brisbane the other ssp Cape York.

ebird is used widely in Australia after merging with the local Aremea website some years ago, and is a good bet to research sites.
In Sydney itself the Botanical Gardens is a good spot
Sydney Olympic Park is another good suburban birding spot

And the benefit of a winter trip is if you can coordinate onto a pelagic (dates are Saturday 13 June 2020
Saturday 11 July 2020 at the moment) there is a good bet of half a dozen southern ocean albatross and some other tubenoses

If you make it to Melbourne / Victoria give me a shout!

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