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Originally Posted by Johann Sebastian Bach View Post
I get this Jurek - and it would make sense in a world where global warming was a distant threat.

But global warming isn't distant. There's evidence of a crisis all around us: extreme climate events in Australia and Europe; glaciers and ice-caps at their lowest level; and climate deniers in the White House and other capital cities.

We ALL must take action before this fragile planet reacts and destroys a huge amount of habitable land - and all the creatures which live there.

Ecotourism is one small thing which we can control - because photographs and videos are (almost) perfect representations of the real thing. The internet has it all.

Don't fly when you can surf!


I'm sure others than I can see the danger here: how many photos are enough? And how do you know old ones aren't being recycled while the animals (no longer needed) have been extinguished....

The only guarantee of conservation persistence is human involvement. It's surely no coincidence that on another thread some are recommending a boycott of Malta (no flying) while others insist that both to provide weight to the argument and to support those already fighting, birders should fly to Malta and attend the anti-shooting camps.....

So eco-tourist travel has to be rated higher relative to Costa Blanca chav toasting and business travel that could be conducted by skype (sorry conference birding Mike!)

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